>"Worship" & "Evangelism" Defined

>I really, really, really like the observations, books, and sermons by Mark Batterson. Here is his latest commentary off his blog:

“Can I share a couple of personal definitions? Worship is bragging about God to God. Evangelism is bragging about God to others. In other words, evangelism is a form of worship. We start bragging about who God is and what God has done as we worship Him. And we don’t stop.

I know that a lot of Christians feel subconscious guilt about not sharing their faith enough. That really isn’t the issue. It’s a byproduct of a deeper issue and the issue is this: we don’t love God and love others like we could or should. If you really love someone what you really want for them is a relationship with Christ. And the more you love them the more you want it.”

>Forgiveness – Better Late Than Never

>Thanks to a good friend, I watched this video with tears. I served in Vietnam ’68-’69 attached to the 11th Armored Cavalry. At this point I’ve no desire to return. But I’m glad this man did, and am so grateful for the forgiveness Christ purchased (at such a horrific cost) for those who repent and trust; and will continue to strive to obey His command to “pass it on” – “forgiving one another even as God in Christ Jesus has forgiven you.”

>Reflections after Junior High Week Crescent Lake

The camp is quiet, the students are gone, the “glow” is after…

It has been a marvelous week. Thursday evening, in particular, was an inexplicable event as the Spirit of God moved in worship and proclamation. I won’t attempt to describe it, except to add the trite truth that “you had to be there.”

The worship band (Kneel), the director, other adults and I concur that it had been a singularly unique evening…

Many students made various commitments…will they stand the test of time? I pray so…I expect to hear from many of them before the weekend is over…the blessings of rapid communication!

Pray as the staff, counselors, and I rest up for a few hours before we do it all again with senior highers. Pray that this is a fantastic week of impact that lasts.

As I often say, camp can be a dangerous thing if well-intentioned speakers/counselors press for “decisions” rather than lasting change. All too often heartfelt “invitations” forget to get people lost before they get found. Peer pressure can result in full altars that are emotional only.

“No one comes to the Son except the Father draws (compels) him.” “Salvation is of the Lord.”

So don’t ask how many students got saved this week. I’m not the Holy Spirit. Rejoice with me that the Word was sung, proclaimed, modeled and shared…and that Word will not return void.

And pray for these students as they leave the nibble-of-heaven that a well-run Christian camp is (and Crescent Lake is in the head of the list)and return to the free fire zone called life 101.

>It Tastes Good; But It Is a Sin Hated by God

>Chris Brauns:

There for a while I was on a kick lately of eating chocolate toffee almond nuggets: creamy and sweet.

Unfortunately, when I ate those choice chocolates, I hadn’t seen the last of them. After they have tasted great, they show up just above my belt. As good as they are, they are not worth the calories. When I eat a chocolate, I give it a free pass to head for my stomach and out into my body.

That says, Proverbs is how gossip is.

“The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man’s inmost parts (Proverbs 18:8).”

So, important is this Proverb, that it is repeated verbatim later in Proverbs 26:22.

Bits of gossip are like chocolate nuggets: smooth and creamy, they melt in your mouth: it tastes good to be in the loop; it is sweet to hear someone else notice the same weaknesses in another that have frustrated you; it feels spiritual to ask for prayer – – gossip and grumbling and complaining are a tempting treat.

But, remember this. As sweet as those gossip nuggets may taste, snacking on them is not the end. Words of gossip accumulate on our spiritual waistlines. They shape the inmost part of our being. Gossip muddies our windshields so that everything looks dirty.

The next time you are tempted to take the tinfoil off a piece of gossip and pop it in your mouth. Think again. Words of gossip go down to our innermost being.