>More on the Eye Injury!

This will be more info than you need; but last evening at camp we staff members sailed various craft on the lake whilst teenagers shot at us with rather large slingshots. Two students held the “arms” of the sling, while another pulled the water balloon back in the large bands and fired away! Great fun…

Until Jessica, riding in the paddleboat with me, got hit and let out a “ouch.” I turned to see how bad it was and, smack! A direct hit and a high velocity. I knew I was out of commission, did not lose consciousness; paddled in, was taken to ER, then to an opthomologist; then sent back to camp (arriving after 2) and being picked up by Jane in the morning and then seeing another doctor this afternoon.

I do have “traumatic hyphema”. The doctors (who tell me the two offices, Kansas City and St Joe, have had a bit of fun discussing HOW it happened…) are cautiously optimistic that there won’t be any permanent loss; as long as I follow directions…which means for the next several days virtual bed rest. The hope is to prevent any more bleeding from developing between the cornea and the iris.

There are also some bone fractures which should heal in time; the only need for surgery being if an eye muscle gets stuck in one.

So there are a few things to pray for: me to obey the doc (I will, and jane will ensure compliance!); for a quick and total healing, and for peace for the students involved. I was able to speak to the 90 plus campers before I left, and I told them it was an accident, but many still feel badly about it.

We are to leave Tuesday for Tennesee to celebrate Jane’s parents fiftieth; along with the other three children and most of the grandchildren. Then I have two weeks of camp speaking…which the doc says I will be able to do, though dependent on the status of my healing I may be very limited in physical activity.

God is sovereign. In comparison to so many things this is minor, but I deeply appreciate you, and your prayers.

>Looked Good on Paper!

>So we decide its a great idea to have the staff on a variety of boats on the lake whilst teens zap wter balloons at them from three-man slingshots. Ah, the Lord preserves the simple!

I was in a paddle boat with our staff member Jessica Bass. After a few near misses she gets clobbered on the knee…now, understand, the balloons are RAPID! She lets out a yelp, I turn to see if she is okay, BOOM, a projectile smashes into the left side of my head.

To spare details, end up going to Emergency Room, then to an Opthomologist…looks like I got in a bar fight; there are a few fractures…will need to take it easy for several days…will see another doctor later today. Will keep you posted!