Epidemic of “Experts”

20200414_134141I recall someone saying or writing, “An expert is someone with a briefcase.”

Sure is no shortage of “experts.”

I am dismayed at the combat being fought over social media.

Not simply the conspiracy folks. Not simply those trying to equate everything to the “end times.” Not simply the party-liners on all sides attacking anyone who doesn’t toe their line.

No, I am more dismayed at the number of friends who are throwing other “experts” at one another. Not merely citing, or quoting, but using someone’s statistics as weapons.

Most of these people are leery of “experts” in other situations; but during the corona craziness they seem to really like “experts,” as long as those “experts” concur with the point that is trying to be made.

I concur that the “experts” often disagree…sometimes in vast ways…

And they have a lot of initials after their names, so they must be smart.

But I wonder at how some of the people I have as facebook friends pick-and-choose their “experts.”

I hope/pray those citing various “experts” have done all they can do to verify the authenticity of the “expert.”

But since some “experts” advocate, for instance, evolution and abortion “rights,” their “expert credentials” don’t automatically mean they are right.

It is certainly okay to have an opinion.

I am simply surprised that many use a host of “experts” to bolster their opinion; and often in a rather harsh manner.

I find myself skipping over a lot of posts simply because another “expert” is being cited.

I do not think there is a vast conspiracy in play.

I do think there is a lot of prejudiced opinions; based on one’s worldview rather than substantiated fact.

But I do ask, if you are hurling grenades of statistics and “expert” opinions at another; chill a bit and be kind… (by the way, the cartoon is one I clipped from a “Leadership” magazine a couple decades ago)


I Don’t Know…

I’ve surprisingly refrained from commenting much on the virus crisis.


Because I don’t know:

  • I don’t know who knew what when
  • I don’t know if there is purposefully information being withheld
  • I don’t know what the next hour will bring, much less weeks or months
  • I don’t know which “expert” knows of what they speak
  • I don’t know if I’ve had, have,  or will get the virus
  • and a host of other “I don’t know”s…

But I do know God is sovereign in the affairs of man.

I do know God will fulfill His purposes for me (us).

I do know I should rest in Him.

I do know I should pray.

And I do know I must redeem the time.

But I don’t know how best to accomplish that.

So I’m asking the Lord for His wisdom.

And trusting.

And trying not to get involved in the squabbling that is rampant on so many subjects.

There are oh so many who seem to know so much more than I.

And that’s cool.