>Why It is Hard to be a Christian in America

>“Most of us labor under the delusion that we have every right to our lives; that we have the right to go where we wish, do as we please, live as we choose, and decide our own destiny. We do not. We belong to God. He made us for himself. He chose us in Christ out of love, from before the foundation of the earth to be his own. He has bought us twice over, both through his generous death and also by his amazing resurrection life.”

Phillip Keller

Balancing the truth of Keller’s quote with perceived, nherent American “I’ve got my rights!” and “Go for the gold” and “Look out for number one” is a continual battle.

>So Where’s the Change, Mr. Obama?

Diapers get changed, lightbulbs get changed, tires get changed…but apparently the “change” President-elect Obama orated about is going to be, to coin Bob Dylan, a “slow train coming.”

Waxman? Lord help us. Again, maybe America gets what she deserves…

My main concern is not the economy, nor even the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…my chief concern is the ongoing war on the unborn…and how Obama and his henchmen promise not only to continue the slaughter…but to make it ever easier to snuff out the result of poor choices.

Are there any people who voted for Obama honest enough to admit they are disappointed in his appointments?

>We Are All – to include the President-Elect – Complicit in Murder

>Friday I watched a young woman sentenced to prison for the murder of her new-born son. She will do a minimum of a dozen years.

Should she do time? Of course.

But are we not all complicit in her horrendous action?

Had she (allegedly) murdered her child a few hours before birth, or any time in the preceeding nine months, she would be enjoying freedom.

Instead, for whatever perverse reasons, she (allegedly) delivered the child at home and, rather than sticking a needle in his neck and collapsing his head, she (alledgedly) suffocated the child.

Is there a genuine difference between this and partial-birth-abortion that is promoted by the president elect?


And, somehow, may God have mercy, if not on America, on the tens of millions of additional babies who will be slaughtered unless God changes Obama’s heart on this issue.

May we all pray and fast to this end. And may we recommit ourselves to praying, fasting, and acting to somehow stop the slaughter.

I have to go; I have an opportunity to visit the mother before she is shipped to prison.

UPDATE I was able to visit Tamara, she professes and seems to be genuinely converted. Tried to share the reality of prison versus the stereotypes; and prayed with her.

>Post Election Mandate and Action Points

>I wanted to say pretty much the same thing as follows, but why reinvent the wheel when Thabiti Anyabwile, Pastor the the First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, says it so well?

I urge you to read, and heed:

I remember as a middle-schooler watching the film, “The Day After.” It was, at the time (the height of the Cold War), a rather alarming film about the prospect of nuclear war. We watched with rapt attention as mushroom clouds, frantic citizens, traffic jams, blinding light, and nuclear fallout destroyed “life as we knew it.”

It strikes me that many Christians have been watching this election like middle-schoolers fearfully paralyzed at their first look at nuclear realities. Our fear of nuclear destruction was warranted. The Christian anxiety about this election is not.

So it’s the day after the election, and your candidate didn’t win. Aside from the natural nauseating post-game let-down feeling, what are you to think and feel? Here are a few quick thoughts:

1. Remember that President Barack Obama is not just the first African-American president, he is also the 45th white President. There will no doubt be many associations made between his skin color, assumptions about his race, and a host of successes or failures during his presidency. But let us Christians avoid such errors. Let us avoid saddling this one man with the responsibility of representing a “race” of people, or saddling the people with this one man’s failures or achievements. Let us be good theologians and attribute all that President Obama is to either his fallen nature or to the work of grace in his life. We may all celebrate in his achievement, and we may all recognize in him things fundamental to human nature—not to “race.” His presidency is as much a testament to the progress of all Americans as it is a proud moment for African Americans.

2. Keep working on the issues you care most passionately about. There is no reason to think that President Barack Obama can overthrow the will and work of God in the world. So what if he is the most pro-choice/pro-abortion candidate in history? Isn’t God still the most pro-life God in all creation? The man in the presidency has changed; our Lord has not. So we keep laboring in the cause of justice knowing that the Sovereign Lord is just as likely (maybe more likely!) for His glory to do with a President Obama—who so clearly opposes his will in many areas—greater things on the abortion front than He might do with a professing Christian president. God may yet bring to Himself more glory in prevailing on the abortion issue by making the most sizeable and godward progress during the administration of one who is so decidedly against His will! That would be just like Him: raise the opposition to demonstrate more His glory. Put your hope in the living God!

3. Pray for those in authority over you. No really; pray for him. Consider that when Paul instructs the church to pray for those in authority he then directly connects such prayer with the ability of the church to “live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Tim. 2:1-2). One wonders how much of the peace- and godliness- and holiness-destroying circumstances in our country stem from the absence of prayer for those in authority. Our prayer meetings are empty. Our pastoral and personal prayers are self-centered. We barely feel the urging emphasis of Paul when he assigns “first of all” importance to “requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving” on behalf of our leaders. Can there be any wonder that our leaders so often serve themselves and not the people? And can any man stand against the will and power of God when the Lord’s people really pray for them? No they cannot. Really; they cannot. Pray for President Obama with the full assurance of faith.

So, it’s the day after the election. Things have changed, in some obvious and more subtle ways. But Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

God’s election of you, if you’re a Christian, has not changed. His purpose to conform you to Christ has not changed. You really have won all that matters for eternity. That’s not to downplay the importance of some issues discussed in this election.

But really, if McCain had won, how would your day today be in reality any different than your day yesterday? The laws today would be the same laws yesterday.

Your work would still be before you. You haven’t lost any ground yet.

Perhaps you’ve been given greater incentive to pray, reminded of what matters eternally, and in those things shone a more fruitful path forward. The Lord omnipotent reigns. Rejoice in full assurance!

>Don’t Get the Tar & Feathers, But…

I love America. I’m grateful to be a citizen of a free nation.

But my allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to His Father, who “so loved the world…” not the United States.

I am uncomfortable seeing an American flag adjacent to a “Christian” flag.

And I believe it is very difficult to live for Christ in our nation.


We just celebrated “Independence Day.” Yet we are totally dependent on the Lord.

We are told to “look out for number one,” yet our Savior reminds us “if you want to be great among God’s people, learn to be the servant of all.”

“Go for the gold” rings our unofficial anthem. Be content, rings scripture.

American citizens demand our “rights.” Exactly what rights does a bondslave of Jesus have?

I love our country. I pray for her leaders (not just those I agree with…). I spent four years serving in the Army.

But it is not, nor has it been, nor will it be “God’s country.”

And thus we should guard ourselves from off-balance patriotism which could tragically slide into idolatry.