>What is "Waiting for God"?

G. Campbell Morgan offers a tremendous definition of what it means to “wait on God”…and I, for one, find this discipline of “waiting” to be a most difficult part of following after Jesus…I’d rather do just about anything than, ah, “wait…”

“Waiting for God means…readiness for any command; that sense of
perpetual suspense which listens for the word in order that it may be
immediately obeyed. Those who wait for God are pilgrim souls that have
no tie that will hold them when the definite command is issued; no
prejudices that will paralyse their effort when in some strange coming
of the light they are commanded to take a pathway entirely different to
that which was theirs before; having no interests either temporal or
eternal, either material or mental or spiritual, that will conflict with
the will of God when that will is made known.”

>Tears Are Held

There hath not one tear dropped from thy tender eye against thy lusts, the love of this world, or for more communion with Jesus Christ, but as it is now in the bottle of God; so then it shall bring forth such plenty of reward, that it shall return upon thee with abundance of increase. “Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.” (Luke 6:21)

John Bunyan

>The Good of Suffering

Suffering is relative…the Hager family has had a rough year, but it pales in comparison to so many others…but, it is sort of like puppy-love – it is real to the puppies!

Here’s a great insight into suffering:

“Suffering helps us look for our Savior. If we never have any trouble along the journey, we would never have any reason to long for Heaven. Like the Israelites, we need the house of bondage to help drive us to the Promised Land.”

– Philip Graham Ryken, Exodus: Saved for God’s Glory (Wheaton, Ill.; Crossway Books, 2005), 37.

>Waiting Wisdom

I type this in a motel located in Pontiac, Illinois. In a little while we will journey to our new house-to-make-a-home! Our NY lawyer says, prayerfully, the sale of our NY house will “close” today. We have early entry into our new place tonight; and the truck will arrive Saturday afternoon.

Just a reminder…it was 13 months ago that I announced my coming resignation from Family Life (NY) to assume a position with Midland Ministries (MO). That resignation became official June 30; but our house simply didn’t sell…until the buyer showed up in September…

So we know some stuff about waiting. We also know that the Lord God reigns omnipotent…His timing is perfect, and we were privileged to see His fingerprints all over what appeared to us to be “delay.”

We are so thrilled to finally be relocating.

It was a long wait!

Speaking of waiting, read these wise words:

“He came back.

After that brutal Friday, and that long, quiet Saturday, he came back.

And that one intake of breath in the tomb changes everything. It changes the very reason I drew breath today and the way I move about in this world because I believe he’s coming back again. The world has gone on for more than two millennia since Jesus’ feet tread the earth he made. What would they have said back then if someone had told them that some two thousand years later we’d still be waiting? They would’ve thought back to that long Saturday and said, ‘Two thousand years will seem like a breath to you when you finally lay your crown at his feet. We don’t even remember what we were doing on that Saturday, but let me tell you about Sunday morning. Now that was something.’

These many years of waiting will only be a sentence in the story. This long day will come to an end, and I believe it will end in glory, when we will shine like suns and stride the green hills with those we love and the One who loves. We will look with our new eyes and speak with our new tongues and turn to each other and say, ‘Do you remember the waiting? The long years, the bitter pain, the gnawing doubt, the relentless ache?’ And like Mary at the tomb, we will say: ‘I remember only the light, and the voice calling my name, and the overwhelming joy that the waiting was finally over.’

The stone will be rolled away for each of us. May we wait with faithful hearts.”

—Andrew Peterson, CD liner notes for Resurrection Letters Volume II (Centricity Music: 2008)